What is a QR code?

A QR code is a ‘Quick Response Code’ that acts as a shortcut to a specific web destination that when scanned by a mobile device re-directs users to the website or internet page without the need to type in a web address.

Customers can access desired information by simply aiming their smartphone camera at a QR code to scan it—upon doing so the customer will be re-directed to an independent web site.

Where We Work

·         Apartment buildings with multiple units, or apartment communities located in walkable areas where a passerby can easily stop and scan a customized QR code to get information about the units within building or community

·         Rental offices can display a QR code instead of brochures and printed marketing materials so customers can access current information regarding units within the building.

·         Any single-family house, multi-unit property, or commercial space where a “for rent” sign, brochure, flier, or other marketing materials would typically be found

·       Property owners and managers can load our site on their devices to quickly show published availability of their current and upcoming available units


Why Use Our Services

·         Mobile| Designed specifically for mobile devices making it easy to use and compatible with smartphones for the user on the go (55% of web searching was conducted on smartphones versus PC’s according to a study by CNNMoney.com)

·         Versatile| Acts as a high powered “for rent” sign, brochure, property flier, website, or any marketing material expanding the possibilities of information distribution

·         Efficient| Removes the need for initial interaction as information becomes available in the palms of customer’s hands offering instant access to pictures, floorplans, availability, and more

·         Extend| Offer a potential renter a business card with a QR code to reference after a showing, to give them that one final push towards deciding that your rental is the perfect match. Destination sites may also be accessed later by users for reference by reviewing their history within the mobile app

·         Connect| Link potential tenants to other properties within your portfolio making your company a broader part of a renter’s search for their new home.

·         Simple| Easy to edit so the listing agent can keep pricing, availability, pictures, and other information up to date and accurate. 

About Us

We are real estate professionals in the business of marketing, not marketing professionals in the business of real estate. Established in Columbus, Ohio in the mid-nineties, we focus on marketing rental properties through the various online platforms that we’ve developed and continue to manage today. Our pride is in personalized service, accurate representation of properties, and dedicated follow through that benefits both those who list properties and those who find their next home with the support of our websites. We are Metro-Rentals.com, Suburban-Rentals.com, and QRthisplace.com; our combined portfolio of services covers everything from listing properties to neighborhood identifications. We are a collection of online marketing websites, whose names are recognizable and trusted throughout the industry, because since our start we’ve remained true to having the same goal as you: Matching the right people with the right rentals through simple exchanges of information.


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