About Us

We are real estate professionals in the business of marketing, not marketing professionals in the business of real estate. Established in Columbus, Ohio in the mid-nineties, we focus on marketing rental properties through the various online platforms that we’ve developed and continue to manage today. Our pride is in personalized service, accurate representation of properties, and dedicated follow through that benefits both those who list properties and those who find their next home with the support of our websites. We are Metro-Rentals.com, Suburban-Rentals.com, Think-Urban.com, Think-Surburban.com, and QRthisplace.com; our combined portfolio of services covers everything from listing properties to neighborhood identifications. We are a collection of online marketing websites, whose names are recognizable and trusted throughout the industry, because since our start we’ve remained true to having the same goal as you: Matching the right people with the right rentals through simple exchanges of information.